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Mogeko Castle is an adventure prosciutto horror game created by Deep-sea Prisoner in the first game debut. Originally; the game was made in RPG Maker 2000 and released on April 1st in 2012 and the game has been remade in RPG Maker VX Ace and released

SimpleMMO is a very simple, and casual MMORPG that has the aim to revive the text based game genre. For too long now, the text based RPG game genre has slowly been fading away into obscurity while the clunky text based graphical games with too many

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This is a selected list of massively multiplayer online role-playing games. MMORPGs are large multi-user games that take place in perpetual online worlds with a great number of other players. In most MMORPGs each player controls an avatar that interacts with other players, completes tasks to gain experience, and acquires items.

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The comprehensive wiki resource for the Mo’ Creatures mod Welcome to the official Mo’ Creatures Wiki, a publicly accessible and editable wiki for information related to the Mo’ Creatures mod for Minecraft.The wiki and its 3,061 pages and 1,903 files are managed and maintained by 622 active contributors from the Mo’ Creatures community, along with the wiki’s administration.

Visit Community hub here, if you are interested in helping contribute to the Fate/Grand Order Wiki on a consistent basis with other experienced editors. If you’re interested on helping add character and enemy sprites. visit this page to see any missing sprites that.

Monster Hunter Wiki is a comprehensive database for the Monster Hunter video game series. The wiki is dedicated to collecting all information related to the franchise, such

Eh, what’s up, doc? Welcome to the Looney Tunes Project, a.k.a The Looney Tunes Wiki, a project based community with passionate editors and a major source for all things “looney-tuney” since January 2006! Currently, the team is currently editing 4,613 pages with more to come. pages with more to come.

Sekai no Owari (literally translated, “End of the World”; stylized as SEKAI NO OWARI) is a Japanese pop band, originating from Tokyo. The band was formed in 2005 and has four members: Nakajin, Fukase, Saori and DJ Love. Since their debut they have released 5 albums and various singles as well as featuring in their own documentary film Tokyo

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Welcome to the Pokémon Uranium Wikia! Pokémon Uranium is a free fangame made in RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials. The game takes place in the Tandor region, where the player must collect 8 Gym Badges in order to compete in the Tandor Regional Championship. Along the way, the player must also fill up their PokéDex with the entries of more than 190 different species of Pokémon. About

Mogeko Castle is an adventure horror game made by Deep Sea Prisoner (AKA Mogeko). It is rated ages 15 and up (by Japan’s rating system) with several content warnings including implied sexual assault and severe violence. “Yonaka Kurai, an extremely

Domo Wiki is a database for the game Dream of Mirror Online that anyone can edit. Includes information about pets, recipes, quests and other guides. Expanding our stubs pages Creating our wanted articles Uploading images Improving our current ones (as no article is perfect)

MORPG(Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game、マルチプレイヤーオンラインロールプレイングゲーム)は、「複数プレイヤー参加型オンラインRPG」などと訳され、オンラインゲームの一種でコンピューターRPGをベースとしたものを指す。複数のプレイヤーが

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Mohammad “Mo” is 28 and is a counter clerk from London. He entered on Day 1. He got nominated on Day 51 against Holly, Iris, Justine, Leroy and Raphaëlle.He survived on Day 56 with 26% of the public vote and therefore became a semi-finalist against Holly, Isidore, James, Jan, Justine, Kendra, Lajak, Leroy and ShannonHolly

Mining is used for getting: Magic Stones for Alchemy, Craft and Quests.Ores for Craft. A Pickaxe is required for mining Ores and a Magical Pickaxe is required for mining Magic Stones. Starting pickaxes can be purchased from the Blacksmith in Alfon Village or Capital Prius.

Monster Girl Quest is an eroge series hailing from Japan which has been translated by Rogue Translator into an English format. The game has accrued a sizeable fanbase globally with its tales of Luka’s journey to become a hero while defeating (or being defeated by) various female monsters in his world.

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The wiki about TYPE-MOON that anyone can edit 1,682 articles since August, 2007 Welcome to the TYPE-MOON Wiki, a wiki that hopes to archive all information about the universe(s) that TYPE-MOON has created. SPOILER ALERT WARNING: This Wiki

mcMMO is a renowned server-side modification for Minecraft with over 2.9 million downloads and counting. mcMMO introduces skills and abilities into Minecraft enhancing the native mechanics while extending the gameplay in ways that feel natural and require no.

For instance, to breed the grey and white spotted horse (2nd row down, 6th column), a Minecraft white horse and Mo’ Creatures black horse are needed. The small subscripted number in the top left of each horse picture represents the ‘tier’ of the horse. There are

So, you’ve just logged into RPG MO, and you are unsure what there is to do, or what you should be doing. Well good thing I care about your feelings. And feeling overwhelmed is never a good thing! You’ve just landed in Dorpat after completeing the tutorial, this is

RangerWiki is a community site about Power Rangers and Super Sentai that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge! On Fandom, RangerWiki is an information repository about every Ranger to ever serve the side of good, and every villain

RPG MO is a browser game created by Marxnet. It is built using HTML5 technology. RPG MO draws inspiration from older games like Runescape Classic and Ultima Online. Players can build their own house and start farming and breeding animals.

Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias has examples of: The Bad Guy Wins: Vois ultimately succeeds in make Luvilias his servant, has Fonica permanently seal away his father before capturing the Holy Maiden, and then conquers the Gracio Empire. Battle Harem

RPG MO is not complete and may or may not change further. Get immediate access to download and play RPG MO in its current form as it develops. Note: Some games require a payment to play in this phase, while others require signing up on a wait list to

The Game of Thrones television series is an adaptation of the Song of Ice and Fire novels but will deviate from them in some areas. In addition this wiki is meant for the enjoyment of watchers of the television series who do not have any knowledge of the books. For

This page of the Monsterpedia contains all the recorded mobs and bosses in the game with their locations, level and statistics (Alphabetical). [Site Tip]: Need to find a specific mob? press CTRL + F, and type in the search bar the name of the mob you’re looking for

Introduction Here are some plugins made for RPG Maker MV, a piece of software that lets you create your own role playing games for the PC, Mac, and various mobile devices!Keep in mind that these plugins are made for RPG Maker MV only! They do not work on

Woodcutting is a skill that is based around chopping trees down with an axe. Leveling the skill gives you increased chances of extra wood dropping from trees, as well as extra duration on the tree feller ability. Abilities Edit Tree Feller Edit Make trees explode Tree

Dragon Age Wiki is a comprehensive database for the Dragon Age video game series. The wiki is dedicated to collecting all information related to the franchise, such as gameplay, classes, characters, creatures, quests, lore, equipment and more!

Adventure Time Wikia has officially received its own Wikia Community App! Download it on your Apple and Android device! • Jan 17, 2015 – Share YOUR fan-fav method of saving the day! Be sure to post here to let them know your fan-favorite abilities of your Jake

Tattletail has a very mysterious story, which can quickly become confusing. Our goal on this wiki is to keep the information as clear and precise as possible to avoid confusion or rumors. Please be sure to read the Rules and Guidelines for more before you begin editing. for more before you begin editing.

A browser-based online role-playing game. It features nineteen maps and procedurally generated dungeons. Popular Videos

Mobs, short for Mobile, is the term given to moving, living entities within Minecraft. Mobs are affected by the environment in the same ways as the player. Mobs can be damaged and killed by catching on fire, drowning, falling from heights, suffocation, falling in Lava

MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game、マッシブリー・マルチプレイヤー・オンライン・ロール・プレイング・ゲーム)とは、「大規模多人数同時参加型オンラインRPG」のことである。オンラインゲームの一種でコンピューターRPGをモチーフとしたものを指す。

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Ores include: Tier 1 Iron Ore, Iron Ingot This disambiguation page lists all items of the same Subtype. If an internal link led you here, please change the link to point directly to the

BioShock Wiki is a comprehensive database for the ”BioShock” video game series. The wiki is dedicated to preserving all information related to the worlds of Rapture and Columbia, including characters, enemies, weapons, items, walkthroughs and more!

テーブルトークRPG(本来のロールプレイングゲーム)は、ジャンル的にはテーブルゲーム(あるいはアナログゲーム)に分類される。 プレイヤーが一堂に集まり、 ゲームマスター(審判役)が提示するルール・状況・シナリオ・課題に従い、 ゲーム世界内

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Welcome to the Soul Land| Douluo Dalu Wiki! by Tang Jia San Shao Welcome to the Soul Land/Douluo Dalu wiki. This wikia is based on Chinese web novels written by Tang Jia San Shao (唐家三少) and Chinese comic drawn by Mu Fengchun (穆逢春). Shrek Seven

wikiの編集が苦手な方は、以下のコメントフォームへ書き込んで頂ければ有志でページに取り込みます。 MODの情報について間違った点や、動作確認済みのMODの不具合等があればご報告下さい。 ※コメントを投稿する際は、以下の点を確認して下さい※

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Biomes O’ Plenty is a Minecraft mod that adds over 75 new biomes to Minecraft, along with hundreds of new blocks and items. Anyone can read and contribute to the Biomes O’ Plenty Wiki, so come on in! People have been waiting over a year for the Nether

Hi, the website wiki is not update to date for most recipes. Instead use the in-game /wiki. If you’re playing through Steam mods are enabled automatically, so just type /wiki craft item large bronze shield and then press Learn or Formula to view the updated crafting

Mount&Blade: Warband is a stand-alone expansion pack for its predecessor, the action role-playing video game Mount&Blade. The game was developed by TaleWorlds and was published by Paradox Interactive on March 30, 2010. Paradox Interactive gave publishing rights back to TaleWorlds as of January 31, 2014. Warband is the first stand-alone expansion for Mount&Blade and was first announced in

Check out RPG MO – Sandbox RPG. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. RPG MO is a role-playing game that gives players the opportunity to explore many paths. Players can build up combat and magic skills and

Weapons are an integral part of this mod. They are used to fight off Mobs and get loot. You cannot advance easily without upgrading your weapons as you go. Below is a list of all weaponry obtainable in Divine RPG:

The High Court of Australia quashes the conviction of Cardinal George Pell (pictured) for child sex abuse and orders his acquittal. Cyclone Harold impacts the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga, killing at least 27 people. Vincent van Gogh’s painting The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen is stolen from the Singer Laren museum in the Netherlands.

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The weapon you start with the Wooden Sword, which is dropped by spawning. (You get it when you start playing) More weapons coming update 52. Name Min Damage Max Damage Attack Speed Buy Price Sell Price Required Level Mortal Sword: Onyx Dicer 12