guan xiao tong boyfriend

If Guan Xiaotong middle school began to have a boyfriend, then this is a blatant deception of friends and fans, if it is so much more serious. But in the friends have stood behind Guan Xiaotong, there are sensible friends out of the problem, that is the exposure of

Luhan Applied to be a JYP Trainee Before Getting into SM Your gossipy older sister reporting on your Asian entertainment needs. The rumor became a guan news in China, where the singer was active as a movie star at the time. Dating apparently met her during his

I know I’m going a tad overboard but this is the last of the sappy postings. Mao Xiao Tong (The Fated General) received a giant bouquet of roses from boyfriend Chen Xiang (Magic Star) when she

so yifan might have a thing for tao’s boyfriend’s boss. just maybe. (or, the one where because tao is a thirsty hoe, yifan gets a new crush. and he’s really bad at this whole liking other pretty people thing.)

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