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16/3/2020 · The NFL and NFLPA has agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement by a narrow margin, and one of the biggest changes will be a 17-game schedule, which will be enacted in 2021 at the earliest

9/9/2007 · Henry was slowed during the summer after suffering a sprainedleft knee in the Broncos’ second preseason game. He is expectedto start this contest. The game should have a bit more significance for Henry, who wasa second-round pick of the Bills in 2001.

The sticking point I see is the demand for a 17th game. The owners are offering a small 0.5% raise in revenue distribution while demanding a 6.25% increase in work. In addition they want another playoff game(or 2) which are not paid at game check rates and want

SUNDAY, OCT. 27 Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons 1 p.m. ET (FOX) | Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta) It’s remarkable that the NFL’s second-most efficient passing attack is primarily built on D.K. Metcalf’s three routes and improvisations between Russell Wilson and Tyler Lockett..

19/1/2020 · I think the main point of frustration is that there is zero consistency in the call. If there was I think it wouldn’t be as big of an issue. Or better yet, if you’re going to throw it then throw it when it happens rather than waiting until whether or not the pass was caught.

19/1/2020 · as long as it’s the 49ers and not GB I’m excited to watch it. I actually hate both teams in the nfc game so I am a chiefs fan right now. I’m excited for the former Dallas Texans. The 1st Dallas team to win a championship for our city.. I’m actually old enough to

15/1/2006 · 8 minutes ago, Jumbo said: now for your gods sake mary can you please please stop hounding me day and night Awwwisnt that cute. Jumbo has a stalker! Jump to content

Not sure if guys here like to rant like I do during the game anymore or like to talk about plays but it use to be fun wh | Learn more at Covers Forum Not sure if guys here like to rant like I do

Since they had the ball after the half, they were reacting to whether K.C. used their timeouts and once K.C. did, they started passing. The 49ers, except for 1 INT gaffe, they’re actually having their way with the Chiefs D, IMO. Actually the Chiefs were playing keep

19/1/2020 · Stop it Tony – the game was over a long time ago I love how the Chiefs built their offense. Blazing fast athletes everywhere. They have an identity and they know the players they want for their scheme, and they go out and get them.

29/12/2019 · Take the Niners regardless of spread. That game is going to be ugly. The Seahawks have a ton of injuries, will have no running game to speak of, and Pete has turned into a colossal chicken game-management wise. Post Ghosts game, Jets have a better record

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Various NFL Game Thread – Why would the Browns accept? Hold onto him for all of these suspensions then trade him away for pennies when you get him back.

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19/1/2020 · If Tennessee hasn’t shown it takes great coaching to win than I can’t help y’all. Dallas has plenty of talent to win it all but coaching has been the Achilles heel. Hopefully McCarthy has learned from his mistakes and get this team to the NFC championship game

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19/1/2020 · Well, he could have not committed two turnovers in the first half and led his team to a score before the 8:44 mark in the third quarter. In the game I saw,

13/10/2019 · i guess you lose some viewers if cbs and fox have games, but it seems they lose a lot more limiting games to half the country. But im not an economist Looked like a good lateral in the 49ers game, but I am sure they will reverse the call. It has just been one of

10 interesting nuggets from Tom Brady’s interview with Howard Stern Brady opened up about when he knew he was going to a new team, the importance of legacy, his relationship with Kobe Bryant and

NFL RedZone (stylized as NFL RedZone from NFL Network) is an American sports television channel owned and operated by NFL Network since 2009. As a “special” game-day exclusive, it broadcasts on Sundays during the NFL regular season from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific), or when the last afternoon window game ends.

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21/12/2019 · The refs clearly called it a catch because they didn’t see it and remembered that Arians only had one challenge, right? Doesn’t actually seem unreasonable. Meanwhile, could you imagine this Patriots team if Brady had as much time as Tampa Bay’s offensive line

21/12/2019 · The Pittsburgh Steelers will play the New York Jets on the road Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, however, we have three NFL games to watch and two of them might be of interest

I got NE -5, though I hate that #, and also have them on ML in a couple “faves” parlays. Them and Saints,, another one ALL chalk including Texans and Seahawks (my idea of chalk in that one

Remarkably, everything seems paved for Andy Reid to finally win his first Super Bowl. The AFC playoff matchups broke perfectly. Niners have a coach and at least 3 players with 6 combined years of

Get a summary of the Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars football game Source: Chiefs, RB DeAndre Washington reach 1-year deal DeAndre Washington, who rushed for

JJ Watt could be KC’s biggest nightmare today, and like I’ve said on the other thread this is where the rubber meets the road. Could the chiefs have looked past Houston for this game?! They’re sure acting like this is a done deal, but let me remind y’all “this is why we play the game. “this is why we play the game.

7/1/2020 · I am absolutely not an Eagles fan, but that was a personal foul. I’ve seen way less called many times. However, I don’t see how not calling it had an impact on the game, even if they would have called it Wentz would still have been out.

6/10/2019 · Colts just can’t get out of the huddle fast enough. Always a fire drill and on the negative run they just were completely disorganized on the snap. Might have been ok if the play was called in timely fashion, so the offense was coming to the line with 15 seconds on

7/3/2020 · ok guys, never too early to start the next week thread. in XFL week 5 we have: saturday SEA at HOU NY at DAL sunday STL at DC TB at LA will update when lines/totals are posted. so far this XFL

Tannehill keeps the defense from playing the run with efficient passing. They are keeping Mahomes off the field. We need a OC like the titans who is very imaginative. We need to find our QB. This game just proves you need a dynamic QB. Your not going to win

27/10/2019 · So the Cardinals just subbed so late that the refs were giving the D a chance to substitute as the play clock ran down to zero. New Orleans ended up taking a TO, but if they had not would Arizona been given a delay of game penalty? That was weird, never seen that

15/12/2019 · Re: NFL Week 15 Game Thread Imagine possibly being 6-8 and still be dubbed “America’s Team”. As an American myself, I chose to denounce such undeniable mediocrity.

22/10/2016 · Go Browns Week 7 NFL Game Thread!!! Wait because I choose not to root for them to lose and get a higher pick I’m being a homer and pathetic? No because I didn’t say the bears can make the playoffs now at this state all I said i won’t root for them to lose just

Saturday Afternoon Game Thread: Nebraska WBB and NFL Playoffs ranchbabe 1/4/2020 Cowboys using exclusive tag on QB, will pay him $31.6M Beckinsale recalls obscene rant by Weinstein

Below is a list of today’s late afternoon NFL games lineup as your Miami Dolphins do not play this week as it is their bye week. As with all other posts on the site please continue

How to watch Cardinals vs. Panthers: NFL live stream info, TV channel, time, game odds How to watch Cardinals vs. Panthers football game by

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13/10/2019 · I was in Vegas last weekend. During the 10 game 1pm EDT set, it’s crazy how often you see a flag on the ground. Almost at every point, 2-3 games had flags on the ground. It was constant, relentless, inevitable. There have been approximately 47 flags thrown in

In short, this game is looking like a big one for the coaching staff, as a win here would do a lot to ensure that they will be back for the 2018 season. Conversely, a loss would turn up the dial

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31/10/2019 · Interesting game tonight – short week road division game for the Niners. This will be like the Cardinals’ Super Bowl. Interested to see if the Niners are up to the test. Hoping not, for Survivor reasons.

24/11/2019 · Re: NFL Week 12 Game Thread These fvcking announcers man. Daryl Johnson talking about how my Browns should be running the ball to shave 7 minutes off the clock in the 4th qtr like what his Cowboys did back in the day. meanwhile Mayfield has 300+ throwing yards.

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Discuss the San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers MNF game in our 49ers game thread. Plus, TV channels, broadcast schedule, & how to live stream online. Niner Noise’s live game thread for

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Jaguars vs. Colts: Week 17 Game Day Live Thread John Shipley Dec 29 , 2019 The Jacksonville Jaguars are set to clash with the Indianapolis Colts at TIAA Bank Field at 4:25 p.m. today, and we are